Testimonials from Cohort Participants

“It's remarkable how similar our issues are and I learned something in every session about how to cope with the challenges of my job. One unexpected outcome is I now have a robust community of support and we have set up ongoing, regular meetings.”
M A R C   E I S E N B E R G
Washington Bach Consort

“I appreciated the opportunity to meet monthly with my peer group of fellow ED’s. Leadership can be a lonely journey, and the chance to dialogue with other doing the same kind of work is invaluable.”
M I K E  G O G G I N 
St Vincent Pallotti Center

Leadership Sanctuary provided the space and structure to productively reflect, learn and grow as a leader through experiences and support of peer executives. Heather’s talents and gifts for conceiving of and facilitating the process have resulted in changes to my daily approach as a leader.”
A M Y  L A Z A R U S
Sustained Dialogue Campus Network

“Leadership Sanctuary is exactly that; a sanctuary for leaders who want to improve their ability to meet the goals they have set for themselves and their organizations. With guidance from talented and wise facilitators one is able to reflect on your inner and outer self reconnecting with why you do the work you do and learn new ways to eliminate meaningless stress. Along the way one learns practical tools for solving everyday problems with staff, boards and funders. Easy, effective and meaningful. Highly recommended for Executive Directors of nonprofit organizations who want to be more effective. Out-of- the-box thinking in a confidential and stress free environment. Energizing and practical. A special gift from knowledegable and enjoyable experts. Not your father's leadership class!”
P A M E L A   R   J O N E S
Crittenton Services of Greater Washington

“First, I wholeheartedly endorse [The Leadership Sanctuary] and recommend it to any senior manager. The sanctuary provides a much different perspective on business and the interpersonal relationships in business than in the normal business environment. For me, the group truly was a sanctuary, a place not where I could escape the problems, tensions and situations I experienced with my job, but a place where I could safely examine the various aspects of my job. The openness, honesty and mutual consideration among the group members is essential. And importantly, the group addressed concrete business problems brought up by the members.”

J E F F R E Y   G A L G I N A I T I S
Reading is Fundamental

“The Leadership Sanctuary provides not only a safe haven for non-profit leaders to discuss the challenges we face, but also a space in which to grow and learn from our own experiences and those of our peers. I had the opportunity to engage in relevant discussions about emerging organizational crises and I was pushed to think beyond them. I left each session feeling rejuvenated, optimistic, and eager to tackle the most pressing issues”

A N D R E W   B A R N E T T
Sexual Minority Youth Assistance League

“The Leadership Sanctuary was a very good experience: it was useful and comforting to be with other non-profit executives in a totally safe space, to dive into thinking about our deepest individual organizational challenges, and to share lessons learned and best practices. The experience was enriching and the facilitators infused practical information and processes that enabled us to draw upon our thoughts and experiences.”
S A N D R A   M E L O N E

Search for Common Ground

Heather Kaye is a highly skilled and caring facilitator. ‘Sanctuary’ is the exactly right word for the safe space and reflective time offered us. My fellow participants were passionate, reflective and supportive. It was a rare opportunity to share issues and challenges with peers across many sectors of our diverse community. Our work can be daunting and it is easy to become discouraged in difficult times, but I sense that each of us came away with renewed resolve and vigor, greater trust in our own sources of creativity and resilience, and more confident about reaching out to others.

S A L I   A N N   K R E I G S M A N
Meredith Monk | The House Foundation

“As a leader of nonprofits for many years, I know that there is much greater strength and wisdom in the collective than in any one of us alone. Leadership Sanctuary was an opportunity to share that wisdom and create new bonds.”

K A T H E R I N E   M O R R I S O N
Women Empowered Against Violence

Mark Eisenberg
Listen to Mark Eisenberg

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Pamela Jones
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Jeffrey Galginaitis
Jeffrey Galginaitis

Sali Ann Kreigsman
Sali Ann Kreigsman

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