Pepco Supports The Leadership Sanctuary

Thanks to Pepco Holdings Inc. and to Debbi Jarvis, Vice President of Corporate Citizenship and Social Responsibility, we were able to offer this premier leadership development program to another cohort of nonprofit leaders in 2013-2104. 

In asking Debbi why Pepco invests in the program, she says that Pepco understands how important capacity building and leadership development is to the success of the organizations and to the health of the nonprofit sector as a whole. "Although it can be tempting to fund programs alone, we need the leadership to ensure those programs thrive. This is why we support leaders and why we work to build strong relationships with their organizations as we are investing in them, not just with dollars but with our commitment and dedication as well." 

This July the latest cohort completed their 10 month program and share these thoughts and appreciation.

"Just a note to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for the leadership, consultation and help you provided at the Leadership Sanctuary (TLS). Stating my declaration for our nonprofit organization proved to be quite fruitful. I am now able to focus on the main goals and objectives of our organization’s mission to include recruiting active Board of Directors for fundraising for the National Association of American Veterans, Inc. (NAAV).

Efficiency accompanied by courtesy and sensitivity to the needs of others is a rare combination in today’s work world. Learning creative ways to meet the challenges in the nonprofit world through your expert advice shared at each leader’s session proved invaluable to me and our organization. The expert advice you gave regarding our organization’s mission, goals, objectives and strategic plan is much appreciated. I am sure this year will be economically better for our organization."

Constance Burns, President/CEO/Veterans Service Officer, National Association of American Veterans, Inc. (NAAV)

Constance Burns

"The Leadership Sanctuary has been an amazing experience.  It provided our group a safe, supportive environment to discuss issues, learn from our peers in the non-profit community, and brainstorm solutions for many of the often-complicated challenges facing non-profit executives today.  I found the program to be helpful in so many ways – in particular, I gained simple yet very effective tools to deal with and manage challenge, change and people.  For me personally, I learned to set boundaries at work and I’ve embraced the reality that I cannot do it all by myself.  These in particular have helped me become a happier and more effective leader.  Although many of the same challenges still exist at my agency, I am confident in my revised approach and strategic plan.  Thanks to my fellow TLS Cohorts, who are now my friends, I have gained new insights, sound advice, and some really great ideas.  Our last official session was definitely not our last and we have committed to continuing our monthly meetings.  Thank you again, for this awesome opportunity! "

Lauren C. Vaughan, Executive Director, My Sister's Place

Lauren C. Vaughan

"With pleasure I laud the brilliance of The Leadership Sanctuary. For me, The Leadership Sanctuary helped strengthen my vision for Life Pieces To Masterpieces and built my confidence in my leadership style. The course provided the safest space possible for interaction and thought-exchange with top non-profit leaders.  

I am BEYOND grateful for the program!"

Selvon Waldron, Lifepieces to Masterpieces

Leadership Sanctuary is a gift for any leader of a non-profit organization. It provides a framework and tools that enable participants to explore possibilities, exchange ideas, and tackle tough issues in a safe environment. Participants learn that their challenges are not unique and gain strength and insights from each other. 

It is true to its name, a “sanctuary.”

Juanita Hardy, CulturalDC

"The Leadership Sanctuary is an extremely rare jewel in a field of leadership development programs geared towards hard skill development but it is the people skills, the management skills, the self care skills, the strategic thinking skills that truly make a great leader with the vision and stamina needed to manage an effective nonprofit. I found this experience to be exactly what I was looking for: a refuge, a place to force yourself to step back once-a-month and confront the challenges of leadership in a safe space among your peers and find your footing again. I never felt like I had time to go, but I always went, and I always came back feeling refreshed, refocused, energized, efficient, and more committed than ever to face the challenges of nonprofit leadership. Changing habits and trying on new ways of being requires dedication, commitment, being challenged, and receiving the support you need to keep a laser focus on your mission and that what Heather helped us learn how to do. This is an extremely worthwhile investment of time and money in nonprofit leadership and for this experience I am most grateful!"

Jamila Larson, Playtime Project

"The Leadership Sanctuary has provided me with tools and support to develop into an effective and confident leader as I've taken on my new Executive Director role. The lessons I've learned and the relationships I've built will stay with me the duration of my career and my life. My organization has already benefitted from the implementation of practices learned at TLS which help me to be a more thoughtful and centered leader and a more effective communicator. I can only imagine what could be accomplished in the social profits sector if all of our leaders could find a safe space like TLS to learn, grow, and be supported."

-- Sarah Burnett, Executive Director, Corporate Volunteer Council of Montgomery County

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